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Christmas is less than a month away! Don’t worry if your kids haven’t written their Christmas List and you’re waiting to get ahead of your Christmas shopping, the answer is simple, shop online here! We have a list of gifts available that your kids are going to absolutely go crazy about!

We have all sorts of children’s toys; from creative-play toys to interactive toys to educational toys. All these toys will nurture your kid’s inner creativity and imagination. Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for children:


1. For the L.O.L doll lovers: The L.O.L Surprise! OMG Fashion Closet

A lot of children are big fans of L.O.L Dolls and have at least two or more dolls with many outfits and fashion accessories. The L.O.L Surprise! OMG Fashion Closet is the ideal gift for a L.O.L Doll lover, as it is a multi-functional game set for the dolls. This toy can be used to store the dolls along with their many outfits. It acts as a suitcase on wheels meaning it can be taken anywhere. Within the closet, there is a doll bag, hangers, sunglasses, reversible backgrounds for photoshoots and a mirror.

Gifts for Kids Gifts for Kids

2. For the kids on the go: The Globber Primo Foldable Lights Scooter:

Scooters are a great Christmas gift! The Globber Primo Foldable Lights Scooter is super easy to use, fun to ride and it comes with a bonus – light-up wheels! This is a 3-height adjustable scooter for kids aged 3+ and comes in either Blue/Pink/Green.

Gifts for Kids Gifts for Kids Gifts for Kids

3. For those who love a challenge: Jenga Bridge Game

The new exciting, challenging game: The Jenga Bridge Game is for all those who love a good games night. Classic Jenga is already tough where players struggle not to drop the Jenga Tower after removing a block at a time and succeed in placing it on the top. This edition consists of the tower built on a wooden bridge that sways – raising the difficulty level. The Jenga Bridge Game combines skill, suspense and fun. It’s a great game to brighten up a party or a family game night.

Gifts for Kids

4. For the creative ones: Dots Lego Picture Frame

Dots Lego picture frame is a new way for boys and girls to express themselves. This new LEGO is easily assembled and customizable to the child’s liking. This DIY Lego gives children a chance to create their very own self-expressive room décor and lets their imagination run free. Be sure to check out the other Dots Lego pieces available.

Gifts for KidsGifts for Kids

5. For the baby doll lovers: Cry Babies Limited Edition: Narvie

If you need to buy a gift for a child who loves playing with dolls, the limited-edition Cry Babies Narvie is the newest interactive baby! This baby lights up, cries real tears and makes real baby noises.

Gifts for Kids

6. For kids who are competitive: Nerf Fornite Blaster

If kids like shooting targets or battling it out with friends, the Nerf Fornite Blaster will help them get a competitive advantage and add a lot of fun. This new blaster is inspired by the popular game Fortnite.

Gifts for Kids

7. For every Play-Doh lover: Play-Doh Cluck A Dee Feather Fun Chicken

This chicken is a hilarious electronic farm playset that allows kids to grow Play-Doh feathers, lay Play-Doh eggs and even make funny chicken sounds. The best part is that when the chicken is completely decorated the child can easily shave off their decoration and start all over again.

Gifts for KidsGifts for Kids

8. For those who love to solve puzzles: Clementoni 104-piece Puzzle

Puzzles help a child grow and this activity will keep them interested. This is an entertaining way for the child to learn new skills and enjoy an entertaining picture at the end of it.

Gifts for KidsGifts for Kids

9. For kids who like projects: Stuff-a-Loons Maker

This a new, innovative way for kids to create their very own stuffed balloon. The child can create their own balloon by mixing different accessories and putting anything they want inside. There is also a refill pack available for when they run out. The Stuff-A-Loons Maker can be used to give balloons to your friends, family or to decorate their bedroom!

Gifts for Kids Gifts for Kids

10. For tech-lovers: The Smartwatch Kidizoom

The new smartwatch for kids is easy to figure out and use. The stylish splash proof design features an alarm clock, timer, voice recorder and more! The child has the ability capture videos, selfies and take pictures everywhere they go.

Gifts for KidsGifts for Kids                Gifts for Kids

11. For better imaginative play: Teamsterz Mighty Movers

Teamsterz Mighty Movers consists of Fire Rescue, Double Decker Bus and a Recycling Truck. These all have realistic lights & sounds and moving features for the child’s imagination to wander.

 Gifts for Kids Gifts for KidsGifts for Kids

12. For the dinosaur lovers: Dino World: Dinosaur Toys with Light & Sound

Kids appreciate some prehistoric fun with dinosaur toys. These toys are interactive, fun and help improve the kid’s creativity, imagination and much more.

Gifts for Kids

While this article has gift suggestions for primarily girls & boys, we also have a lot of gift ideas for the little ones and toddlers as well as stocking fillers. Stay tuned for the list of Christmas gifts for new borns and toddlers!